Blast From My Past

I am awful at writing! This is one of those times I wish I had the skills to write this awesome post about how excited I was to take pictures for this family because of the memories it brought back from my childhood. Rodeo and “queening” seem like a whole different life ago, long before marriage, babies and photography. Back when being in front of the camera was a daily experience. But anyway enough about my long forgotten past……Miss Sutherland Jr. Rodeo Queen 2012 called me and asked that I do some portraits for her before summer got going. It was so fun to do more of a stylized shoot! We even got to snap a few of little brother:-)

Simpson (1) Simpson (2) Simpson (3) Simpson (4) Simpson (5) Simpson (6) Simpson (7)

this is me at 14 as Miss Sutherland Jr. Rodeo Quenn.....I think it was 1999
this is me at 14 as Miss Sutherland Jr. Rodeo Quenn…..I think it was 1999



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  1. rhondaq says:

    Love this. How bad is it that I recognize the seamstress of Miss Simpsons clothes? Goes to prove that you can stop doing the queen thing, but some of it just stays with you. Is she the gal who owns Echo? (Another crazy thing… to know the peoples horses names….)

    1. daminshull says:

      I know what you mean! Yes they do own Echo….and Jo did do the sewing…..very crazy that you knew both thing:-)

  2. Wendy McKenzie says:

    Oh, WOW! I must say, the photography is better on the first set of photos 😉 But that Miss Rodeo on the last photo is a cutie!

  3. Wendy McKenzie says:

    Oh, and if you need a “good writer”, I know of this lady – Rhonda Quaney, who is a great blog writer 😉

    1. daminshull says:

      Yes, she is an AMAZING writter….but the busiest lady I know!

  4. Suzie Wahlgren says:

    I don’t think I knew that about you. I was the Nebraska High School Rodeo Queen several years ago. I won’t say how long!! Nice pictures!

    1. daminshull says:

      Suzie, we were ment to be friends:-) Even if it’s just cyber friends most of the time!

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