NebraskaLand Days!

Late April I had the privilege to take Miss Rodeo Nebraska 2013, Samantha Chytka’s pictures. After she called and said she liked “unique” and “vintage look” I started dreaming (literally) about her session. I wanted a Victorian couch (preferably red) and a chandelier hanging from a tree with tall grass around her…..all things I did not have. My husband thought I was crazy as we spend DAYS looking for the location…not to mention I didn’t have a couch or chandelier yet…. I prayed for weeks for God to show me where to find the key pieces for my vision. Jessica Braithwait, friend and photographer had a couch and was very GRACIOUS to letting me use it for the session.  Now to find a chandelier……Good friend and avid garage sale finder said she had one to share! My vision was coming together……now if the weather would start cooperating!!! attempt #3 was the final try, we had a deadline to make and we had to get SOMETHING in print.  Sam, was such a doll to work with! I had so much fun with her! People literally stopped and took a seat as we hauled the 300 year old couch through the river bed at scouts rest ranch campground. Enjoy a few of the final images from the session!


MRN 2013 60 edited MRN 2013 65 (2) 2 b MRN 2013 69 2 a MRN 2013 71 edited MRN 2013 75 edited 2



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