BIG Changes

Changes…..very BIG changes have been happening for A Moment Photography and for me personally.

The past few months have been a soul searching, goal setting, pulling back and looking at the big picture kind of time…you know, the fun stuff 😛

As many of you may know, I LOVE my job(s)! Unfortunately, I had been feeling this slow, drowning feeling creep up for awhile now and needed to find a way to get everything under control again….

I’m sure that it had NOTHING to do with having the next year of my life booked {insert sarcastic laugh here}

I have found that many artists go through times of overwhelming feelings that hinder creativity and result in the desire to quit. I needed to make these feelings stop before I was in the same boat…..maybe I was there already…..

I’ve had the chance to clearly define what my goals as a photographer are, what services I want to offer, and where my family fits into this game plan. I am excited to share with you what has changed and how it affects you, my fabulous clients.

Private Session

This session is a stylized session that we design together to fit your needs. You receive 30+ images on a USB flash drive that is presented in a beautiful, keepsake memory box. The price for a private session is $400 plus tax.


USB drive and case

Themed Sessions

Are you saying, “But I don’t need that many pictures”? Don’t worry! I am now offering themed sessions that include 30 minute time slots at one location. These sessions are perfect for those who wish to document a special moment in life nd can be used for Christmas cards, invitations, or announcements. These sessions are designed to be fun, quick and simple. The price is $150 plus tax and includes approximately 15 images. Time slots will open the month before each session; payment is due in full upon booking.

Baby Plans

You ask, “What does this mean for my babies that I love so much?” With the completion of 4 sessions at the $400 price, in the first year of your baby’s life, you will get a memory book FREE! The memory book is a $450 value that I am happy to give you as my thank you gift for allowing me to capture your cuties first year.

Printing Options – Now Available!

I have always given printing rights with each session….for many reasons but mainly because I really do feel that photography should be a service industry instead of simply a product industry. I still offer my clients the ability to print their own images, but I realize that not everyone has the time. I will now be offering printing services for you. If you would like to take the stress out of printing, please see the new printing options below (minimum order of $100 please).

printing oder pink copy


So what does this mean for you if you are booked already? NOTHING! The price you were quoted is the price you will be charged.

I do want to tell you all how thankful I am for each of you! If it wasn’t for such great clients like you I wouldn’t have this booking problem! I never imagined that this hobby would turn into a business, yet here I am, obsessing about images and dreaming about the next time I get to be behind my camera!



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