For the Love of Babies!

I LOVE my babies! I love the smell of them, their soft skin to the touch, their smiles, the coos…..Seriously I LOVE every part of them. And that right there is the reason for this post. Taking pictures of newborns is an art….it’s a craft that takes time to learn and it’s a little bit deceitful…..What you see isn’t all the time what really was there. And for the SAFTY of these sweet newborns I am going to show you a small glimpse into the “REAL” image.

When I started drooling over adorable pictures of babies all propped up and squishy I fell in love and started obsessing over how to accomplish those images. I was a little relieved and disappointed at the truth….. What those very talented photographers fail to show you is the behind the camera view and HOW the baby accomplished that pose.


First off. If it seems unsafe i.e. High spot, potential of falling off or neck being unsupported, use spotters….no, I take that back, ALWAYS USE SPOTTERS.  Most of the time I will do a composition image instead if I feel it is unsafe for mommy and daddy to let go.


Mommy is ALWAYS close by
Mommies hand is spotting head
Daddy’s figure was actually hold up head

With all these images the baby is either being held onto or hands are VERY close by. The last thing I want is for a baby to be hurt for the sake of an image. Please keep babies safety at the top of your priority list when shooting these sweet gems.

Daddies Figure is holding up her head.

Newborn Newborn


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