Professional Photographer???

Hello all! Happy Christmas and Merry New Year…..oh wait, that was a few months ago….I’m just starting to dig myself out of the hole I’ve been buried in for the past few months….I feel like I am ALWAYS saying this, but changes have been happening!

In our media crazy world it is easy to get caught up in comparing myself to other artists/photographers and thinking, “I’m better then them”…or more commonly, ” THEY ARE SO MUCH BETTER THEN ME!”  This is not what I need to be doing. This is NOT what God created me to be. I was not created to be Jasmine Star (who is amazing and beautiful and an artist in every part of her life) I was not created to be Christie Kline (who is excellent and talented and so driven and is the ultimate baby whisper), I was not created to be…..fill in the blank….I AM CREATED TO BE AMY JO MINSHULL.

The creator of the WORLD created me, perfect and wonderful and exactly the way I am supposed to be made. I may not always be the photographer I want to be but that doesn’t mean I am not whom I should be and on the path to whom I should become.

~these are the words I repeat to myself~

Now, the part about how I am working towards becoming the photographer I long to be…..I joined a group of talented folk that call themselves Professional Photographers of Nebraska (PPN) and professional photographers of America (PPA). I am farthing my education and surrounding myself with people that I can learn from….not so I can BE THEM, but so that I can learn and grow and learn WHO I AM.

So I started my journey of learning in January and went to my first conference and entered my first print competition to get my work critiqued and work towards that farther education thing…..I learned so much! AND I got an award!

IMG_1585 copy

I can’t tell you how honored I was to receive 9th in the none masters. I am already planning my next comp. images!

After leaving PPN winter conference I made the goal to make sure that I am shooting for me along with all my wonderful clients. I need to allow myself to dream again just for the fun of it, for me to remember who I am! I started dreaming and forming an idea. Last night I was able to put my plan into action and shoot. It was so wonderful to shoot for fun and be creative just for me!

Lexi 2I really love what I do, I really love who I get to work with, AND I really want to continue doing what I do……Thank you for watching me grow, change and learn who I am throughout the years.

Being a creative can be exhausting at times, but I wouldn’t have my life any other way.


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