I Create For One Reason

I have always loved being creative. Even as a little girl I loved sitting with beads or string to make bracelets and other nick knacks.
There is something different about photography.
I SPEAK through my photography.
I truly believe God speaks to me through my process of photography and creating.

I have said it before, I am not well spoken.
Words don’t flow beautifully through me like some.
My mother is one of those people that can write and speak to the soul and worships our Lord through hew writing.
I love reading it and saying “AMEN” because I can’t say it better then that.

My mom shared a desire to change her blog and update her personal image for it.
At first I was like….yep sure, I can do a head shot, easy…when and where?
Then it happened….
With EVERYTHING I am I was obsessed about this project!
I truly believe God told me when and where we were supposed to do it…
I had never shot at this location…
and He also told me how….The lighting set up I used I had only known about in theory…
You can read about the rest of the session on my mom’s Blog HERE It was completely HIM not me. I am a creative for one reason: FOR HIS GLORY
I pray you hear HIM through me
I pray I do not hinder you from seeing HIS GLORY
and I also pray that you will see HIM through the images I create for you and others.

Here are just a few of the images we shot that night….

Amy Minshull

Amy Minshull

Amy Minshull

Amy Minshull

Amy Minshull

Amy Minshull


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