Meet Jaydn!

Everyone say, Hello Jaydn!!!!

Senior Rep 2015 0731 txt

one Jaydn’s application he wrote that the first thing people notice about me is my eyelashes….man, does he have some lashes!!!! Seriously, so COOL! and BLUE eyes! I mean BLUE BLUE! naturally my favorite place to shoot him was on the blue background 🙂

Senior Rep 2015 0821Jaydn, is a fan of football and baseball, we had so much fun shooting some of those specialty images during the model shoot. A Moment Photography is known for their sports imagery.

Senior Rep 2015 0253 Senior Rep 2015 0329 Senior Rep 2015 0727

and hunting is top priority for this guy, so we spent some time capturing that side of him as well.

Senior Rep 2015 0391 Senior Rep 2015 0398 Senior Rep 2015 0465

As you can see, here at AMP we specialize in creating artwork that makes you stand out! If you know Jaydn, and are in the market for Senior pictures, ask him for a coupon for your session! Call to book it today! 308-530-0579


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