Taylor Mustion

This is Taylor,

Senior Rep 2015 0263 txt

She is pretty much a walking miracle child! She just had back surgery a month ago….because her back was BROKEN! and here she is, all normal, healthy and doing just fine….did I mention she walked around with a broken back for quite some time, even played basketball for Hershey High, before they diagnosed her with a broken back? CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY what our bodies can go through!

ANYWAY, this is Taylor, such a sweet, kind and gorgeous girl who is one my AMP crew this year! Taylor attends Hershey high and has coupons for anyone who needs them for their senior session with A Moment Photography….but enough talking, lets see some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G images of this girl!!!

Petersen 2013 77 Senior Rep 2015 0415 Senior Rep 2015 0417 Senior Rep 2015 0882 Senior Rep 2015 0290 Senior Rep 2015 0355 Senior Rep 2015 0868

Find Taylor for your coupon to A Moment Photography to receive unforgettable images that you will love forever! and call today to book! 308-530-0579


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Terry Beckius says:

    Taylor is my daughter and I wanted to say that I think you did an amazing job! These photos of her (and all the other kids) are beautiful!! Thank you!!!

    1. daminshull says:

      Oh, Thank you Terry!!!! You are so sweet! I LOVED it! Your daughter is so sweet, you have raised her well! 🙂

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