Meet Dylan!

This is Dylan, his friends and teammates call him Pete. Dylan, is one of my senior reps!

Senior Rep 2015 0830 txt

What is a Senior rep you ask? If you know Dylan or any of the other teens on my AMP crew, ask them for a coupon for $50 off your senior session! These kids can answer you questions on who I am, how much fun I am and what my work looks like 🙂 Find Dylan and get a coupon!!!!!

Dylan has placed 3 times at  high school state wrestling and is going for 4 next year, he is an accomplished baseball player and also competes in football in the fall. Dylan has a quiet about him until you get to know him, but ones he does he will chat your ear off about hunting or sports 🙂

Dylan was so laid back during the model shoot, I loved it when he would just lean against something and it would be the perfect pose!

Senior Rep 2015 0335 Senior Rep 2015 0341 Senior Rep 2015 0456

I mentioned to him that I had a blue backdrop and he showed up with this AMAZING blue shirt that could not have fit more perfect!

Senior Rep 2015 0805 Senior Rep 2015 0815 Senior Rep 2015 0811 Senior Rep 2015 0808


One Comment Add yours

  1. Mike and Carol Miller says:

    Fantastic pictures. Dylan you look great. gram Carol and Gpa Mike

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