Sweet Bailey!

This is Bailey,

Senior Rep 2015 0009

A girl with a thousand looks! Bailey is beautiful inside and out! She is special to me because she is representing the home educated group! I am a product of home education too 🙂 Bailey was so fun to have as a model, she is so natural and flexible to what we were doing!

Bailey is a softball fan, and I hope to get her on the field for some pictures for her “real” senior shoot, I don’t know anyone else that looks this cute all dirty!

Senior Rep 2015 0002

Senior Rep 2015 0516

Bailey also can rock a dress like all the other girlies!!

Senior Rep 2015 0041 Senior Rep 2015 0146 Senior Rep 2015 0193 Senior Rep 2015 0220 Senior Rep 2015 0626

I just can’t get enough of this girl! Thank you Bailey for joining the AMP crew!

Ask Bailey for a coupon for your senior pictures!!!

Senior Rep 2015 0170 Senior Rep 2015 0171


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