International Print Competition 2015

International Print Competition was this last week. I have been working on these images since last October. They have been entered and critiqued throughout the year. but the one that counts was this past week. I heard that over 5000 entries from all over the world entered and on average of about 33% get merits. 3 of my 4 images merited.

This is my first time entering at the international level, I’m very proud of this work….I honestly can’t take credit though, countless mentors and counselors have helped me. Thank you to all of you!

The titles and models are as followed:

dripping with antisipation copy

Dripping with anticipation, model Derek Minshull
I must say thank you to my dear husband! Thank you for putting up with a re-shoot at 10pm (so that it was dark in the room) and getting sprayed with oil and cold water over and over and over. you are a trooper! I love you. This image Merited

Leap_of_Faith copyLeap of Faith, Model Riley Smith
I had never met Riley before, I called my good friend and dancer Katy and asked for a model that could jump and do flips….It was negative something outside the day we entered this building with no heating and I asked her to take off the hoodie and sweat pants….poor thing! Then I asked, can you do a jump? she says “like this, this or this?” ….pretty much any of those work!…Just do it in front of the window…..she did it twice, nailed it both times…..she is amazing….we did have to re-shoot because of technical issues on my part….but I am so happy with the outcome! This image merited

Forgotten Amy Minshull

Forgotten, Model Maximus Minshull

This one is my baby….and was not the goal for the shoot, but isn’t it always true that the unplanned are the best? I had hopes of this soon to be two year old to sit in a bucket in the river… October at sunset….he fell in the water because he was mad at me and threw a “toddler fit”….I wrapped him up to get warm….he was not a happy camper. And this is what came of it. The background is actually the riverbed….amazing what low aperture can do. This image merited.

Adam's Eve high rez

Adam’s Eve, Model Katy Greene

This girl is so patient with me! She did 3 shoots with me before we got an image I felt good with entering….it’s such a process! I had all the complicated lighting set ups and backgrounds then I decided we would just try outside….Simple is sometimes better. Although this image did not Merit, I’m ok with that 🙂

I am a member of Professional Photographers of Nebraska and America, if you are a photographer interested in growing and learning, please ask me for more details, we have a conference coming up in September that I would love for you to join me at!


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  1. andreajoywenburg says:

    Congratulations on the honors, Amy! These are stunning!

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