Certified Professional Photographer

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For 20 months I have been working on what is known in the Photography industry as my CPP…..What is that you ask? In our day and age there are SO many people that call themselves “Professional Photographers” it is hard to make a decision on who to choose as your photographer sometimes…..Professional Photographers of America have a standard they desire all photographers to reach. Just like any profession there is a level you must reach to do your job. The Certified Professional Photographer is one of the steps I as a professional can take to ensure a consistent quality in my work. in order to become a CPP you must do an in depth testing and submission process that helps me show what I can do and what I know and for a panel of elite judges to say, yes you are at a level in your knowledge as a photographer that you are efficient with your equipment and your art and understand the art of photography.
Would you trust a lawyer who hasn’t passed the bar to handle your court case? or a hairstylist who has never went to beauty school with your hair? Why would you trust your very special moments that can NEVER be recreated with anyone less then a certified professional?
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Did you know that there are only 4 studios in North Platte and that are a certified professional photographer? If any of my fellow photographer friends are interested in going on this journey check out this link…..

Thank you for celebrating this HUGE accomplishment in my career and thank you to all my clients who have been a part of my journey! Check out this video!


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