4 Tips For Photographing A Newborn Safely

It’s usually frowned upon for photographers to share their secrets, but with this topic, I think full disclosure is best.

Almost all parents can relate- the overwhelming feeling of love after seeing your sweet baby photographed for the first time. But something many parents aren’t aware of is that some of the common poses many photographers use aren’t safe for your newborn.

At A Moment, Amy is professionally trained to handle and pose newborns in the safest way possible for their little bodies- and it shows in her work. Here are a few of the most important tips to keep in mind when posing a newborn or searching for a professional to photograph for you.

  1. Always have a support for their head in upright poses- newborns cannot support their own heads. Use a spotter, or a parent’s hand and simply photoshop it out later.
  2. Keep the room nice and toasty, but not too hot.
  3. Never try and force a pose!
  4. First and foremost, listen to baby’s cues. If he needs to eat, give him to mom. If he’s tired, let him fall asleep before taking any more photos.

At A Moment Photograph, you’ll never have to compromise the safety of your baby for gorgeous images. This sweet shoot with the Gill family proves it:


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