4 Tips For A Smooth Destination Photo Shoot

If you’ve traveled anywhere before (especially with children) you know how necessary careful planning is. The most picturesque dream vacation can quickly turn into a stress-filled misadventure and so trying to plan the big details out in advance is usually in your favor.

The same goes with booking and shooting a destination photo shoot, be it a wedding, or a shoot during a family vacation. This Spring, AMP had the opportunity to travel to CanCun and Cabo to shoot a few weddings and lots of gorgeous families. We learned a thing or two about thinking ahead and thought we’d share our advice with you.


1. Research your destination in advance:

Research things like weather patters, resort or hotel rules, the type of water, and best times of day to be outside.

2. Pack appropriately:

Obviously, if you’re traveling somewhere tropical, you’re going to bring light, airy, cool clothing. Keep your outfits for the shoot simple and easy to wear, that way, especially if it’s hot and humid, you’ll be as comfortable as possible.



3. Be flexible:

Weather can change in an instant. Remember that during certain times of the day, the water may be dangerous, so getting in for photos (or any other reason) isn’t going to work. Try to plan your shoot around the weather, tides, and time of day.

4. Be prepared for things to take longer:

You aren’t in your normal realm, your kids are off their usual schedule, and so is your photographer. Giving everyone a little extra grace, and smiling extra big will help you all to be comfortable, relaxed, and as at home as you can be.



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