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I am not an eloquent writer….or speaker for that matter. I am a photographer. I speak through my images.

I ask your forgiveness ahead of time for my miss spelled words and poor punctuation. Thinking about what you would care to know about me….or what you don’t already know about me is not easy.

This business is God’s, you see, He placed this job in my lap and said,

“be my craftsman, and I will show you delight day after day, and you will rejoice in my presence”.

I find joy in many things, my three beautiful children, a sunrise or perfect sunset, my wonderful husband, and my personal and active God, just to name a few.

But, what I find joy in more often than not is capturing people with my camera.

I dream about different shoots and how to set up opportunity to get the “real smiles”.

I’m inspired by life around me every day!

I am closer to my God when I shoot and I am more aware of His presence when I look at the details of His creation.

I pray that Christ is reflected in my work and in the way I interact with my clients.

Ultimately He is my everything and if I can’t serve Him though what I’m doing, I shouldn’t be doing it.


Facts about me:
I love hot drinks, Coffee, hot chocolate., tea or cider
I love babies!
I have my whole calendar memorize for the year
My favorite colors are red and pink, but not together
I HATE working out
My favorite date is a movie in bed with popcorn and grapes
My bed is my vice

I hope you enjoy my blog and if you want to connect with me feel free to follow my facebook



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